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camaras de seguridad para casa

camaras de seguridad para casa

Radio Alarm Clock?
Certainly it means that this alarm clock is the most discreet espionage activities, you can use it as a simple alarm clock in the place you want to espionage.

You never realize that it is a system of captacin of evidence, fully professional team and quality assured.

Since it has a system of recording by audio and video and can be activated with motion sensor grabacin or voice, making a recording of up to 64 hrs.
Fully rechargeable, this team ensures an exceptional job.


CCD of 480 TV lines High resolution integrated Chamber
The MPEG4 compression with support of 32 GB SD Card
Audio Video to 64Horas of grabacin
Movimientor detector / function of overwriting when memory is full
4 Support adjustable to compensate for uneven surfaces
2 Band Radio AM / FM
Dual Alarm Clock, Remote Control
Time projection screen
Mirror projection screen


Video System NTSC or PAL and discoverable system of automatic video loss
Codec MPEG4-SP ASF File Format
Record Frame Rate: 1, 2, fps maximum selectable
Maximum: 320×240 @ 30 fps or 12 fps @ 640×480
Grabacin Quality: Low, Medium, High
Grabacin Date / Time: superimposition of images of vdeo in an ASF file
Input: 1 CH Composite Video Line In Video
Output: 1 CH Composite output line vdeo


Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
Codec: G.726 / 32 kbps
Input: 1 CH Audio Line In
Output: 1 CH Audio Line Out
Audio device: microphone, speak, headset
Storage Media: SD Card (FAT16 or 32), MAX FILES: 16384 ARCHIVES
Serial port: USB 1.1 (Read-Only)
Grabacin Mode: Manual, Schedule (alarm, motion discoverable, Continue)
Motion discoverable configuration: multiple blocks and adjustable sensitivity
Function to search for events: property and the first image of selected file is displayed
Function of playback: play / forward fast paced / fast paced Reverse / Pause / Step Forward / Step ATRS
Playback speed: x1 / x2 / x4 / x8 / x16 / x32
Power Supply: DC 12V/1A
Dimensions: 38 mm (W) x 17.5 mm (H) x 38 mm (D)
Operating Environment: 30% ~ 80%
Storage Environment: 30% ~ 90%

camaras de seguridad para casa

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