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feng shui home decorating – Using Feng Shui When decorating your new home

Feng Shui originated in China milliers Many years ago; it is a complex art that uses two laws of heaven and earth. The purpose of science is to live a successful life, healthy and harmonious. Feng shui Translating wind and water; They believe in the Chinese culture wind and water associated with good luck.

Feng shui is basically an understanding of nature and the earth becomes white gold land life, everything HAS energy and it is all about balance this energy efficient to live a healthy and balanced life. This all ties with Taoism cosmology, based on the dynamics qui ying and that together with the five elements of feng shui; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element has a color Represents And they go together and interact in different ways, Either negative Positive gold.

The basics needed for feng shui compass and an octagonal grid containing the symbols fall , The feng shui ba cave is the energy map of the house, in order to create Good energy in your home, you should plan your own ba cave and energy balance accordingly. Once you have plotted your ba-gua Then you can see your house qui area associated with a particular area of ​​your life, there are nine different areas ba cave. Career, relationships, family and ancestors Then wealth, health, friends who support and traveling Followed With creativity and children knowledge and study Then, finally aspirations.

Some Useful Feng Shui tips for your home is to live free of chaos, chaos confused energy positive leading to chaotic life, a good idea is to open a window in the house at least once a day – Allows fresh air into fresh chi.

Wood is an element to the east and southeast, brown and green Representing wood; Use theses colors in the right areas of your home to bring energy to the health, vitality and growth.

It is the clarity and precision metal, adorned the west and northwest of the house white or gray, it will help to bring quality like efficiency and clarity to your life.

A water element of a balanced energy at home will bring a refreshing and soothing. Use blue and black in the north, east and southeast of your home as water is a symbol of abundance, so that the use of water will help to harness the positive energy environment ik leading to a better recognition of the achievement of life. Careful use of water features in the home – they should be placed in the right place to be effective in a positive way.

The element of fire in the house for the spirit and high energy, when fire can bring balance energy for your career efforts and will help you to achieve achieve recognition. Use the color of fire south, gold Northeast power, color flame red, orange, purple, pink and bright yellow.

For earth, yellow, beige and various shades of earthy sandy golden light ; Use theses colors in the northwest and southeast from your home. Harmonious earth elements will Promote stability, food and protection for all of your relationships.

If you Considering buying a home look online for new smart home near you and feng shui of your home new for a successful and harmonious life. All the equipment you need Including feng shui ba cave maps and octagonal grid containing the symbols can be found online aussi.

feng shui home decor

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