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homes for sale in Catawba goes

homes for sale catawba county nc

homes for sale catawba county nc

WHETHER you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, you, are probably aware of what a beautiful and beneficial resource we-have in the Catawba River. Named After American Indian tribes That settled it icts banks, the river starts up in the Appalachians, winding down and draining into Piedmont. The river is crucial for things like flood control and hydroelectric Purposes, one thing is clear,with goal of pollution-have Placed the Catawba River at Risk .

Reviews The most serious signs of the problems river, all Became apparent in the fall of 2007, When Our area was very Experienced heavy drought. At the time, the North Carolina governor Described it as the worst drought in the history of the state.

The drought Lasted through the fall and into the winter months, and by April 2008, American Rivers, an environmental organization, named the Catawba River officiellement The Most endangered in the Entire United States . Reviews another telltale sign This Was of the Catawba River at risk. Selon the group, This Was due to hydroelectric dams ict 11, unregulated development along with river,Äôs banks and the effects of global warming .

By June of 2008, South Carolina  HAD governor signed legislation to make the scenic river Catawba official year in the state, ALTHOUGH About did not include the measure Any restrictions on land use for the river. HOWEVER, an advisory group to address Was Organized Concerns related to what the Catawba River HAD Placed at risk of serious harm.

More bad news cam in the summer of 2009. When the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the oven annoncé That nation,All MOST hazardous ash ponds Were on the river. Two of These ash ponds discharge into Actually Reviews another body of water, Mountain Island Lake and the two –other discharge into Lake Norman and Lake Wylie.

As citoyens of North Carolina, we all shoulds be very Concerned about the Things Are Placing the Catawba River at risk. Years of irresponsible and unsustainable land use, as well as the global issues of climate change and pollution, Has Caused Some very serious harm to this beautiful body of water.

If you are Concerned about the future of the Catawba River, you are Encouraged to do what you can to contribuer. Volunteer your time with river cleanup efforts, or Even clean water advocate for better policies in the state and local gouvernements. If you do, you allhelp assurer a sustainable future for this major river.

homes for sale in catawba county nc

homes for sale in catawba county nc

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