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expert home loan – 51 Home Heating Experts To Teach Shopping Mall Promotion Tips

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The spring of 2010, the wave of “late spring” render the whole story, but it does not affect the upcoming 51 small holiday, major home stores are preparing for promotion enthusiasm to meet Season Sale to come. However, some industry experts remind consumers: the face of incredible promotional discount, consumers Should Keep Their Eyes closed open, rational consumption. In addition, the purchase of household goods, theyhave a lot of attention to it.

A phenomenon: no consumption of fake return afraid Conditional fraud

business promotion in the past, Maha has “bought more than a dollar XX, XX dollars cash back” activities, Zhayi looking very precise, usually after seeking the conversion price equivalent to the goods hit half price, or even higher, so popular with consumers.

And have Participate in the activities of search, .According to the experience of consumers Zhang told reporters, When He Took Thousands of small shops filled to capacity for a table for select enthusiastically in the “back when” when the results of non -Compliance staff informed consumption condition, because the return is a prerequisite for participation is the “man on a fraction of the more than a few million can enjoy the activities offered.” Very factthat the business was not notified in advance first, while leaving a very angry person. However, the staff pointed Advertising One of the bottom-right corner, the faint outline of the printed word: “. Leaflets note XX yuan to enjoy the activities of the” In the big “buy more dollars XX, XX dollars cash back” under the font against the background of very many , if not closer examination, it is easy to overlook.

Expert Tip: The face of a wave of anti had a flair discount Yin Yu

New vice president of Orient Home: No more than five categories of promotions, sweepstakes, giveaways, Fan Quan, back to the treasury. There is no direct trap, easy trap non-existent. Yin Yu vice president of New Oriental Homes It Now is a promotion back to the most affordable forms of consumption, of course, the premise is not set up the ladder “staircase” consumption once to at least 3000 back to the 1600s for example, spend every penny unless the activities involved in the back now , or not be able to enjoy 99 package.

In 51 prior to the arrival of various business activities launched Certainly greater effort than usual, “Fudge,” Components definitely less certain. So today as consumer spending Usually release carefully, Although some businesses do not rule Possible Increase extreme price, and then discount the situation. THEREFORE, I suggest one or two days before we can know in advance the price comparison comparison, use of leisure time, THUS Effectively Avoiding problems.

Because of the Commercial Division of the content has become increasingly apparent that a large and shops, so but very professional, independent stores, but marketing categories grew, so you The first can be observed thatthis very short time, 51 three-day vacation. Comparing the first to gather information, take a look at the second site, not very time consuming.

Phenomenon II: Furniture Children also need to be careful due

With the improvement of living conditions, income people, more and more children have a separate Alone space, and parents in the child’s room layout and more willing to invest great enthusiasm and Financial Resources Allocation for children full of small children , grow together with furniture, accessories, and create a favorable environment for the growth of other needs as well as children’s furniture, quickly jump red.

Data, .According to the relevant department statistics show that children under the age of 16 in China more than 300 million, accounting for a quarter of the population, we can see great potential for development SUCH Hanes children’s furniture. Because many parents in peacetime, it is difficult Busy interesting, rare for a small vacation, many people have Decided to stroll home stores this holiday season with children, what a setting for children to contribute to the development of personality, small world filled with playfulness.

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