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Office Chair AnatomyLa office chair is something you see in every partedell’ufficio – cubicles, CEO of the room, conferenzacamere, also in the cafeteria. Wherever zonapuò be, an office chair has a purpose – to consentirea sit comfortably and sano.Contrariamente to what many may think, the office chair is more isnot a cabinet. Behind ognisedia office, there are a lot of thought and scienzain being implemented. The reason for this is perchéuna office chair can be harmful to your health eanche corpo.I principles of ergonomics are used with ufficiosedie to provide comfort and safety. Below, titrovare some key points to look for in a chair ufficio.1. SediaL’altezza height of an office chair must always be facileregolare. To do this, the chair should esseredotato of a pneumatic adjustment lever. Questoleva should be able to move the chair between the 16th 21 inches from pavimento.Questo it is important because the person sedutasulla chair should sit in the height diil table or desk. The chair should not be too elevatoo too low, so that the user does not slouch or deformation Aloro scrivania.La important thing to remember is that ginocchiadovrebbe be at a height lower than hips. Questoincoraggerà natural “double C” column vertebralee help provide a vertical support for your body.2. Chair width and profonditàUna office chair must always be wide enough persupporto users of all shapes and sizes. Normally, lalarghezza varies between 17 and 20 inches. The sediaarea depth is the area found from the front of the back of sedilealla sedia.La depth of the office chair should be large enough to lose lean back against the backrest with 2-4differenza inches between your knees and the seat of sedia.3 . BraccioliBraccioli are adjustable and will allow you to rest the vostrogomiti, arms and shoulders so confortevole.4. SchienaleLo back of an office chair will vary from 12 to19 inches. Like all other parts of office chairs, laschienale must be adjustable enough to move siaavanti of all’indietro.5. girevoleLavorare in an office move requires, daun computer to another or even one schedario.Pertanto, an office chair should provide a swivel ail end to allow you to move around your zonaliberamente. (Word count 431) PPPPP

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